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Wat Thung Setthi

Location : Phra Lap, Mueang Khon Kaen

Wat Thung Setthi

Outside it looks like a normal old Style Temple but inside and in the Windows, you will find a wonderful mix of old and new motive teaching you about good, evil and how to live a good life. From Disney to Star Wars they did use lots of modern references to teach people.

This temple gone through a stunning restoration about 2 to 3 years ago. What makes this temple unique are the etchings into glass windows. Not only Hindu deities like Shiva and Indra here in the stain-glassed windows of the dome, but also fictional pop culture characters too. Have a look into the glass etchings, and you’ll see Lilo and Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon and even Darth Vader. It’s also known for its garden depicting Buddhist hell. According to legend, this is where Buddhists go when they have bad karma.

Wat Thung Setthi was built in the Sukhothai period. The ruin is located near the Ramnarong Gate outside the Si Satchanalai town wall, facing northeast. The temple is rectangular planned, enclosed on four sides by a wall made of vertical laterite blocks, with an entrance gate in the middle of each side. Remaining structures on the temple grounds comprise: a vihara with six rooms and a front porch, installed with a two-leveled pedestal for the principal Buddha image; the main round-shaped stupa in Sukhothai style behind the vihara; and remains of four minor stupa of which the styles are not identifiable.